Is that guy really a teacher?

Ken was born in Edmonton in November 1956 to a normal family that had good values.

Ken got a degree in Education and has taught school for 35 years and has now retired.

So why did this normal kid dabble in the standup arts over 30 years ago to become a full time comedian and a full time teacher? Ken didn't mean to let his mother down by going to the dark side, but he likes comedy and he is good at it, he likes teaching and he is good at it also.

Ken has performed in Comedy clubs for 30 years and this has taken him all across Canada and even to the Middle East to entertain our troops. Ken is one of the favorite corporate comics of western Canada with a very adaptable routine that touches on many subjects.

Ken lives in rural Alberta so he can draw from his experiences to entertain rural communities from Bawlf to Tiger Lily (he's done it twice).

Ken also has a keynote presentation for teachers called "Observations of a Polyester Clad Chalk Dust Encrusted Educator" that has amused teachers from B.C to Manitoba.

I'm sorry I can't talk about myself me and you will find out why I am a favorite everywhere.

Thank you