Is that guy really a teacher?

Here is what the Critics say:

Ken was already headlining clubs when I first started. he was killing me then,and kills me now. - Brent Butt

“Ken's the living embodiment of Phil Silvers, Don Rickles and Howdy Doody” - Calgary Magazine

“Valgardson has the face of a comic – the veneer of warmth, a mouth permanently on the brink of hilarity...he has the audience with him from the moment he gets up on stage” - The Saskatoon Mirror

“Quit your day job” - Kenny Robinson – Comic

“Teachers were still chuckling after they left Ken's Keynote to go to afternoon sessions” - Science Teachers of Manitoba

“And laugh we did – for the next couple of weeks. Just walking down the hall I would notice staff doubled over with laughter, cracking one of your lines or doing some silly dance you showed us” - Viking Extendicare

“My mother really enjoyed you but we have to take her back to the hospital because she tore her stitches.” - Some lady in Bawlf Alberta